Thursday, July 9, 2009

loose braid and triple barrel curls

I love Sam's Hair on Icarly. I love curly hair that is well maintained, not the ratty sick hair that you see on a daily basis at the grocery store but, that beautiful hair that you see in the movies that is bouncy and full of life! I guess this comes from having the worlds straightest hair.

So, I tried this hairdo on baby Mermaid!When I curl or crimp or triple barrel the girls hair I always work from the bottom up, I part the hair and then twist the top hair up and hook it with a octopus clip. Then I spray the lose part with hairspray and then curl, I found a product that I love, but it goes on and off the market all the time! So if I ever see it I buy it in bulk its made by tigi and it is called up tight heat activated curl enhancer, you spray it and then curl, it will hold a curl for days even on my girls straight hair!Now when I first got my triple barrel curler, I was so excited but I couldn't figure out how to work it, I was trying to roll it like you would a normal curling Iron ya I know its stupid! but it is more like a crimper! you just put it in between, clamp down, open and move down and curl again! You are all smart enough to figure that out I am sure, I don't know why I had such a hard time with it!

now I just keep taking hair off the top and spraying and then "curling" this took about a half hour, but quite honestly it lasted two days so, in my opinion it was worth it! but my girls have tonz of long hair so it could take longer or shorter depending on you child.

so when I get to the top section instead of holding my curler so the hair will lay straight and fall down the back I turn it on a 90 degree angle to the last curls so it falls down the sides of their face, if you don't understand my instructions check out the pics! see how the curls frame her face? of course you could end here but I have to keep going!

Now I just did a very loose french braid, don't pull tight! I know that is opposite of what I always say, but just make it as loose as you can. I didnt part this out before I did it I just took little chunks so it would look very natural.

repeat on the other side.

Hook both braids together in the back. and

your done!

have a little cheese with your pic!


SugarandSpice said...

Just so you know...3 barrel curling irons are one of my favorites!!! My daughter doesn't like em to do it very often because she thinks it takes too long! LOL, how is that possible? She thinks that takes too long but is okay with some of the other hair-dos I do?!?!?! The logic is dizzying:) But her hair loks beautiful:)

Zajcha said...

I love that but in England I really can't find a decent curling iron - never mind three barrel! Best start to search the internet then...

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