Monday, July 13, 2009

Triple woven french braid?

So For the little princesses half birthday we had a swimming party, so we needed something fancy that would hold up to water, this is what we came up with! It looks like a hard do I know but it was quite easy after I figured it out! sorry this is a very long post! and it has lots of pics!So I separated the hair into three sections length wise, Then I separated the center section into six, two across three down, then I french braided the front right piece down to the middle left piece back to the bottom right piece, then braided the hair all the way to the ends.

Here is the top view then we just repeated the other side

so here is the middle section all done! we went left right left instead of right left right! then I sectioned the hair on the sides just like I did in the middle and braided them out the same way

Here is the first braid on the left

Here is the left side and the center done, now, on to the right!

Here is the first braid on the right side, I wove it the same way I did the center one! I know it looks complex but it was really very easy!

all the tails I braided them down as far as i could

all the tails braided together!

then I tucked the tails up in a elastic to make a loop.

from the back

and the front!


The Jacobsen Family! said...

OK, I am seriously amazed at what you can do! AND that you've managed to get your girls to sit long enough for you to do it! LOL!! Mine is only 3 1/2, so I'm hoping when she gets a bit older she'll sit still long enough for me to do this sort of thing! SO NEAT!!

Chic-Clips said...

my kids have had there hair done since they were little. we joke that the little mermaid came out with pigtails. she really did have enough hair for them!

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