Friday, June 14, 2013

Dirty Dash-ing

So because my Dear Husband works for a fabulous company, every year for the past 3 years they have sponsored a Dirty Dash team! What is the Dirty Dash? It’s a Mud run that is held at Soldier Hollow in Heber City Utah twice a year. This was the first year that the had a kids team so our good friends (they have 7 kids 4 of them ran) and 3 of our kids ran. I don't do mud or out doors or do I like to exercise, and Book Worm was our Photographer for the day!
But we needed a good hairdo for Baby Mermaid and this one held in really well
 Dirty Dash 002
I started with three pigtails on each side and braided the front and back pigtail, so two braided on each side, middle one not
 Dirty Dash 003
Then we crossed the front braid and the back braid over to the other side and hooked it in with an elastic
 Dirty Dash 004
Braided each pigtail together to make one gigantic braided pigtal Dirty Dash 005 
And then wrapped and megga pinned each bun
Dirty Dash 007

and this is what it looked like covered in mud… and a couple of other choice pictures!
Dirty Dash 381
Dirty Dash 330
Dirty Dash 031

Dirty Dash 392


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