Monday, June 24, 2013

A week of firsts!

This week has been an amazing week of firsts on our house! photo (5)

We got a floor! yea! I know seems kinda silly we are so excited about a floor but hey its our floor!
 photo (4)
We made Monkey Man his first bow tie!
 photo (6)  photo (3) 
Our Walls went up! Yes! we have walls!
 photo (1)
Our first locking the kids in the basement!  Hopefully not the last! LOL the basement will be finished eventually with a couple of bedrooms, bathroom and the ultimate teen hangout! they are never going to want to leave! (which is my plan! I love the kids to be at home)
Our First kiss! (at the house)

It was also our first mistake on the house! Our backyard is only 20 feet deep and when they poured the basement it got moved back by a foot.. so our back yard is even more tiny! Our General foreman told us that he would think of some compensation ideas for us, but for us to come up with some concessions! WHAT DO WE ASK FOR! Please give us some Ideas!

 WARNING the next picture is disturbing!

photo (2)
Our first Murder
Monkey man was “dying” to take this picture!” there was chalk on the wall that he thought looked just like blood…and it did, his pose is also freaky! I hope this is a normal boy thing… I have no idea!


Christy Lube said...

Shoot, I can see my girls wanting to stage a pic like that, I wouldn't worry much! Congrats on the "firsts"! :D

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