Monday, August 17, 2009

Diamond Pigtails and first day of school!

Today is our first day of school for the sisters! Monkey man starts next Monday, I wish that kindergarten could start the same day! I think it is torture for these little kids to have to wait a week, and when it is hard on kids it is harder on mom! Here they are all decked out in their school finery (except the boy) Baby Mermaid, The Little Princess and Monkey Man!
This is a bad pic of Too Cool for Hair, She has early morning classes, so mom was still asleep!

I made a little pony tail just to hold back any loose bangs, then I made a second one right behind it

Then I put the majority of her hair into pigtails, leaving the back of her hair down

Then I put the back hair into two pony tails just like the front. then I split the little ponys and hooked them into the big pigs! really easy!

Here it is from the top it makes a diamond.

Add some bow wow and you are done!


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