Monday, August 10, 2009

short hair up do!

So while surfing I found this entry in one of my favorite blogs
So Sunday morning I told the little princess we should try an updo! she laughed and said I have short hair mom! With renewed determination we did an updo! you almost forgot she had short hair by the time I was done!
We braided her hair back to just behind the back of her ears with 6 braids I just sectioned out hunks of hair and put a lot of hair putty on them to keep the short ends in.

Here are all the ends from the back

Then the back hair I pulled into two pigtails trying to get all the hair in, you can tell her hair is really short and I couldn't get it all in!

Then I curled and ratted and sprayed her hair! and sprayed and sprayed her hair! I should have waited for the hairspray to dry before I took the pic but you know us busy hair do moms!

Here it is again, I ratted it and worked on some of the little pieces

From the front! we added a big red daisy and she was ready for church! she got so many ohhs and ahhs and it really looked like she had long hair again!


Merynne said...

I LOVE it! She has some thick hair! I like how you did the braids in the middle and twists on the outside... great look!

Oh, and thanks so much for mentioning my blog;)

Brian said...
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Chic-Clips said...

That is one thing that my kids get from me we all have LOTS of hair

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