Saturday, August 29, 2009

pigtails with twisted rows

AHHH, I really try to post once a day but life seems to be going so fast lately! I thought that with Monkey Man in school I would have tonz of time, but to my dismay I have not had extra time at all! So, after spending the whole day at a leadership pow wow for cub scouts and the kiddos spending the whole day at the pool with their daddy, we got back together with time to throw the kids in the shower to wash off the chlorine and get to a church BBQ picnic! so with minutes to spare we did a cute do on baby mermaid, this went together really fast! I pulled back the back part into two high pigtails
then I parted the front part on the side and then parted each side into three sections

Now these are not fancy twists, I just twisted the hair all together until it layed flattish on her head and turned back to the pigtail

Here is all three on this side

a weird front view, have you ever noticed when you are in a hurry your kids are the least cooperative? crazy huh!

top view with some wild bows I love these bows, and this really went together very fast, and just added a little something special to her piggies!


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