Friday, August 21, 2009

messy buns for short hair

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I have always wanted to do a messy bun but I have to admit I have been unable to! But since the Little Princess has had her hair cut I thought That I would try and it was a success!

I used the instructions on

Girlydo's They work great on shorter hair, to tell you the truth I think that my girls hair was to long for this before
From the front with both buns, please excuse our mess my dh was folding laundry!

Here it is from the back see how I didn't try to get all the short hairs in I just left them long!

From the front with bows and laundry! I guess even ladies that run hair blogs have to do laundry! thanks for looking at my blog!


Todd said...

I don't think you should be embarrassed by the laundry....Instead tell everyone how wonderful your hubby is for folding the laundry. We who have such great men should be grateful, not everyone is so blessed.

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