Wednesday, August 5, 2009

blog award!

I am so excited to get an award! man, I feel cool! thanks sugarandspice
you rock! so I guess that I have to tell you five things that I am addicted to!
1- is my family! I love my kids and of course my man! I feel like a truly blessed (and lucky) chick to have picked such a great man!
2-McDonald's hash browns my mom and I go get hash browns and a drink every weekday! I love spending time with her!
3-I think hair falls in third, my mom and hubby even call me obsessed! Who me?
4- Hair accessories, the lack of being able to find and afford bows that I like prompted me to start my own company! Chic-clips
5- now this one is hard, I think that I would have to say just being a mom. It is truly the one thing in my life that I have always wanted! and it is one of the most rewarding, and frustrating things any woman could ever do!
well, I feel like I just opened my soul to a bunch of strangers! and if you want to pass up this entry without reading it go ahead! I wont feel bad! in fact I wont even know!


Kaibee said...

Congratulation on your award! You do have a fabulous blog!

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