Thursday, August 20, 2009

twisted ropes, into a french braid

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I know that no Idea is totally original, but I think I came up with this today! this is a second day hair do, yesterday Baby Mermaid had this hair
So I took her hair out combed it and put it in three ropes along the front, these are going to start your french braid.
Then I did three ropes along each side (parted down the middle)

Then starting with the front three ropes I started my french braid and instead of pulling sections from each side I just added a rope!

Then I took out all of the extra elastics, made a fan tail by hooking the braid into a tiny loop and flat ironed her hair to give it a little fluff

added a bow,

and sent her off to school, she wanted to show you all her wild thing that she made in school yesterday his name is batmonkey, And we love him (she made me say that)


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