Thursday, August 27, 2009

Queen of Hearts!

Baby Mermaid named this hairdo, She thought that the messy buns looked like little hearts, and they did in a baby Mermaid way!I split the hair into six sections and then french braided them back
Here it is from the top

Then I spilt the hair in half folded each split over a finger
Slid them off my fingers and hooked them with a elastic. Sorry this pic is blurry the Little Princess was taking pics!

This is what it looked like when I got them all done from the front.

added some bows cause you all know by now that I am the bow queen!

Here it is from the back and I highlighted a heart so you could see what she was talking about. Thanks for reading my blog! I love comments and so do my kids so let us know what you think!


Girly Do's said...

I see the hearts! Good name little one!

Merynne said...

Cute, cute!

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