Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2nd day hair (crimps and braids)

Little mermaid had her hair up in pigtails with diamonds yesterday and so today she wanted crimps and braids. this is what we did.As I took her hair out of elastics, I crimped each section
Crimped up but not ready to go

I braided her hair and hooked the braids behind her head, in the middle of her hair so you cant see the elastic or the ends of the braids

Here is the front with the braids "disappearing" into her mane of hair

The back

and ready for school. (as you can tell I think ties are my girls favorite accessory for the year)


Julia J├Ânsson said...

Nice hair! What kind of crimpingtool do you use? I have been looking for one for ages but can´t find one that make waves.

Chic-Clips said...

Hi Julia, its just an old Conair one, it has diffent plates, but now I use my triple barrel curling Iron for waves! I like it much beter!

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