Tuesday, August 25, 2009

from Curls to Braids

This hairdo of baby mermaid was for school yesterday! it was totally easy, I Just threw her hair into the Curlformers from sallys and then before school she took them out and I stuck a bow in her hair to keep it out of her eyes.... but that's not the instructions for today So.... this blog takes this hairdo and turns it into something else for second day hair.. Please excuse my pic's they are taken with my phone which has a crappy camera. I couldn't find my real camera and you know how it is in the morning before school! by the way these bows are avalible on chic-clips
So this is what her hair looked like after she had slept on it.
I didn't comb it out I just started to grab curls and do a loose french braid around her head
once I got to the other side it got really loose so it kinda hung down a bit, this is what I wanted, I also wanted some curls to kinda fall out as the day goes on... we will see when she gets home today
Here she is with a bow and ready to go to school see ya baby Mermaid


Iolanthe's Mom said...

Major curl envy! I wish I could get my daughter's hair to curl like that, but it's so long and fine it just doesn't work, even when we tried the Curlformers. We've been doing a lot of those curve-around-the-head French braids too, I think they look so pretty.

By the way, your shop link in this entry doesn't work. It took me to some other etsy clip shop.

Chic-Clips said...

Thanks! I fixed that link!

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