Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Mermaid's Swim Hair

We have swim lessons for our 2 youngest kids this week! So you know what that means! Swim Hair! I think that if I am paying that much for lessons, I don't want them to worry about their hair in the eyes flipping hair around etc. so get ready for a couple of posts on braids messy buns and updo's.
I did three dutch braids back and forth across her head

Then I pulled the rest of her hair up into pigtails and then messy bun loops

I really wish I would have made big bows to go swimming with! then I could tell what kid was mine from across the pool, but I haven't yet! LOL only I would want swim bows but y'all know me!


Ryan Family said...

LOVE it!!!
We just finished swim lessons ( but still swim every day) so swim hair is perfect for us!

ps dont do a bow it will get all floppy and she might get annoyed with it. You can weave a colored ribbon in the hair do to help her stand out. Or a pipecleaner bow!

Chic-Clips said...

oh, my bows don't get floppy! I have a secret non crush thing that I do that makes them...undestructable! Almost!

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