Monday, November 8, 2010

Fairytale Braid crown (Easy Version)

Awhile back I posted a fairytale braid That looked really cool but unless you have 3 hands is kinda tricky to do! Well here is the cheat version!
 bows siennas room 003So I just did two Dutch braids down both sides of her head and hooked them in the back with an elastic (notice I pulled up the center section of hair)
 bows siennas room 004 Next I took the “Topsy Tail” and pulled little sections of hair through the braid,
bows siennas room 005
Here is one side all done!
  bows siennas room 006
Other side all done!
bows siennas room 007 
from the front top,
bows siennas room 008
and a classic little princess smile! I hope you love this do! we loved it and thought that we would share!


Mrs. Argueta said...

super cute! I think I may actually be able to pull this one off. Thanks for sharing!

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