Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Worm goes to the Prom!

Wow, Long time no post! We have been incredibly busy and crazy the last year, the last day of school we found out that we had to be out of our house in 30 days because our landlord was selling our house :0) so we moved into my parents basement, and with the 8 of us sharing one bathroom it left little time to “play with hair” but we are now in a little twin home while we build a house! Yep I am finally getting my dream home! Happy 20 year anniversary to us (it should be done in August). I have also been the Speech and Debate Team mom, and I have been crazy busy with that but super excited to share an incredible Sr. year with book worm! She has qualified for 2 national tournaments (the first person in Utah to qualify for the NIETOC using the bid program) and Little princess had a rocking good freshman year in speech and debate and also made the JV girls Basketball team!
But now that you’ve gotten caught up with us! lets get to the prom!
Of course my Dh had to get a picture of my tongue  hanging out, it just does that for pictures, I don’t know why!DSC_0030
So I just split her hair up into sections to curl, like the glove, I feel like Michael Jackson! to bad its not white and sparklie
My neato glove is blending in to her hair but you can see how big of a piece I am taking in this picture if you look close!
Then you just take the awesome clip-less curling Iron and wrap the hair around it, in a spiral, not on top of the other hair, it takes a bit to get the hang of it,
Now, my Curling Iron is just a Wal-Mart clipless curling Iron I have been coveting the Enzo Milano, but its 120.00 and until I can find it for 30 dollars (like my chi) there is no way I can justify paying that much! This one works really well, its ceramic and heats up to 410 so I make sure I use a heat protectant!DSC_0034DSC_0035DSC_0036DSC_0037
Then this is why you have an awesome glove to hold those little ends to the curling Iron
Next I did a waterfall braid on this side, and then curled the pieces that I pulled through! (remember I do the cheat waterfall braid!) click here for the Video tutorial!
Here she is all done! I must admit it turned out really cute!
Here she is with her cute date, they had a great time, and I used enough hair spray that she slept on it and it still looked cute the next day for church! (and yes that is snow on my lawn! I wish it would get to be spring!
her “fancy prom shoes” what a cute bookworm!


Amy said...

love my clipless curling iron to find that glove, so I wont keep burning my fingers! Such a

Timon berg said...

Marvelous work pals, I love reading your articles.
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Chic-Clips said...

Amy, Mine came with a glove! its pretty nifty, I keep telling my husband I am going to bejewel it for that little something extra!

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