Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Double Dutch with an extra braid, and some Turkey Tails!

So, I don't have good step by steps, because I really just started out with the plan to do a double Dutch and turkey tails but half way down the first braid I decided to take a braid across, so I just stopped and took out a little piece, and then continued down the braid, then when I got to the other side, I braided halfway down and added the braid, I am sure you can figure it outDSC_0964 DSC_0965
Then I just made the turkey tails by looping the braids under, chi’d the ends, and fluffed them out by back combing them a titch.DSC_0966  DSC_0968
And your done, do you want some cheese with your Hair?DSC_0969
you got it! LOL
Happy Hair,


Jill said...

I did this one today on my daughter's hair. It turned out so cute! Thanks for the idea :)

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