Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twisted Rope Bun

Today on Book Worm she wanted her hair up, She has been working on the Lyndi Hop at school in ballroom. And if you click that link you will see why her hair needs to be up LOL   DSC_0951
Her hair is so heavy I pulled the back part into a pony tail and then left the front part out,
then I roped back both front sides, and hooked them into the pony tail
DSC_0952 DSC_0953
Then I put her main pony into a rope, I didn't do it as tight as I usually do, I guess I was just to lazy! oh, if you can tell by the pictures I looped the end of the hair back up and made a little knot end on her pony tail
Next, I looped the rope up above her pony, and , continued around,
untill I had tied it in a realy loose knott
Then I took that little end and hooked it under that loop DSC_0956
I added tonz of bobby pins just to make sure,
then your done!
Hope you like this do, Book Worm has tonz of hair which made for a big thick bun, but I think it would also work good on thin hair or as pigtail buns, it made a super secure bun, and lasted good all day even with that crazy dancing!


LegalChic said...

Very pretty :) I wish I had thick hair like that lol.


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