Friday, January 17, 2014

First Paint Job!

So, Because we did not get our home that we built, and moved into a new “used” home, LOL. a lot of the paint colors were not up to my standard. lets be honest, old people lived here, and I am sure they loved the plaid wallpaper, we however, did not. I don’t think that a lot of the house had been painted since the early 90’s when it was built, you know when they used that pinkish white instead of white? well our house was beige-tastic! But we are Banishing the Beige and doing some other fun stuff! so come along on our first home makeover project of the new year!

I wish I would have taken before pictures before we moved in but we were so excited, and we didn’t get the key till 3pm.. we just started bringing stuff in as soon as the key was in our hands..

DSC_0003So this is our Before pic, see what I mean about pinkish beige, I LOVE dark colors, and this was just not doing it for me. I was exited about the chair rail, but I wanted it to divide something not just the wall. so we picked out a light and a dark gray for the main area’s of our home The light gray was Behr Pewter Mug. and the dark was Behr Dark ash

DSC_0005 Here we are with the dark ash going up, I am in love with it against my red leather couches!

Moms Iphone 279

Here we are with the Light gray.. Still ugly ceiling. 


Front room 001

We are upholstering a cute little chair for the window, that was my great grandmas, that's why there is a ugly blank space in the bay window.

Front room 002

Our cute little piano by the front door. (that is getting a makeover soon)

Front room 003

View from up on the stairs.. I am loving it! We Have a surprise on the 4th wall that is why I was careful to cut of the pictures so you cant see it until next time..


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