Friday, January 24, 2014

A Quickie Update

K, After we got the Kitchen Painted our light fixture was not my favorite. It was kind of tanish blah, just not in love, I liked the shape and the detail, just not the color so… Welcome can of spray paint. Now we have lived in houses with the great gold fixtures, you know the polished brass of the 90’s and it is amazing what a little can of Silver spray paint can do. But i was afraid that the silver would not give me the little bit of punch I wanted from The light! So… We brought out the black. My Sweet husband vetoed the turquoise/teal color I was leaning to!

 Moms Iphone 413

So here is the before view, notice we didn’t put the cover back up, because I was sure we were going to paint or replace, but as far as bones go, I kind of like it!

 Moms Iphone 414

So Brian took it apart and washed it down, its in the kitchen so it is grease-tastic, and we all know that paint and grease are not friends!

Moms Iphone 415

Here it is all taken apart still. notice how Brian put a screw in that scrap of wood to hold up the finial?

Moms Iphone 416

And this is why we wash things really good, for some reason this little piece kept fish eyeing, even after a good wash with TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate). so we sanded it washed it again and voila!

Front room 004

A nice new light fixture for about 2.50, and an afternoon. Don’t be afraid to Paint light fixtures, they are really easy and make a huge impact on your home! Just remember to turn the power off first!


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