Thursday, January 14, 2010

curlformers agian!

today we went with curly hair! the plus of this hairdo is it will be a two day-er! I love 2 day hair so this is day one!

Here is her hair after I have taken it out of the Curlformers (the worlds best curlers!) I am working on getting a giveaway up and going for these!
I put her hair in the long green and blue ones on the bottom half and the orange and pink on the top half, I wish I had all pink and orange, they fit long hair better!

then I pulled all of her hair back and hooked it with bobby pins, I could only find dark ones that I use in to cool for hair's hair but they show up in the picture better I guess

We put a bow in over the bobby pins, you know me!

Here she is from the front and ready for school! on a side note I just listed a bunch of valentine bows, they are really cute! you may want to go to chic-clips to check them out! and remember to enter to win bows at


Melissa said...

I have curler envy...

Chic-Clips said...

Melissa you know where I live! come borrow them!

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