Monday, January 11, 2010

Barn door Hair

Hi, everyone! I have a new blog that is just going to focus on giveaways! I am really excited about offering this! I have a great giveaway for hair bows going on right now! The web site is chic-clips giveaway now on to the hair do, I called this the barn door because growing up my Aunt Lenore had a big red barn with a white X painted on it just like a classic barn door you would see in cartoons! I loved it and this hair do reminded me of her barn!

So I started with four pigtails and did twists in all four, no problem for all you hair ladies out there!

now I crossed them in a zig-zag pattern

Here they are all crossed around

now I wound the ends around the bases of the pigtails and hooked them with booby pins

added some huge-o bows and we are off

This is a pic of the next morning they had come unwound a little bit, I loved it this way (a little more messy) so we added bows again and were out the door again! YES two days with one do!


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