Saturday, January 9, 2010

zig zag funky braid, headband

Today I did Baby Mermaids hair in a classic hair headband with a funky zigzag braid that my sister-in-law Becky taught me forever ago and I had forgot about it! it is super simple and easy to do but, before we get started, I just wanted to let you know I have started a new blog that is just for giveaways and I am giving away free bows! check it out at and now on to the hairdo!

Here is the look that we are going for, It is really simple and her hair is wet still, I figured we would let it freeze on the way to school, believe me it is cold enough to let that happen but I simply ran out of time. I remember as a kid having frozen hair at school, ahhh the good ole days!

so I simply sectioned out a piece of hair by the part for the headband and braided it,

separated the strands so I have one strand on one side and two on the other

loosend up the two strands and then pushed them up the single strand keeping the single strand tight
if you need a video her is a quick one, my lighting was terrible though, sorry!

and here she is all done after I hooked the braid into the headband! I shoulda put a bow in but we were outta time!


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