Sunday, January 24, 2010

Messier Pigtail Buns

For today's hair I wanted something quick and up, I hate long hair just straggly especially for school, it always comes back all nasty! so this is what we did!

so we french braided back her bangs sections just in messy non-parted braids, easy you cant mess this up!

this is the side front braid, why I am showing this pic?

Then I pulled back the rest of her hair into lowish pigtails, I included the braids from the front

then you make funky messy buns! I really don't have my own way of a really messy bun, I have borrowed everyone else's ways and then usually I put bobby pins in them till they are not messy anymore

Then I added some bows from my web store! I know I am obsessed with bows

a pic from the back so you can see just how messy this do was! I hope ya enjoyed and I hope this helps inspire you to do this hair do on your little ones!


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