Wednesday, January 13, 2010

pigtails with a little bit more fancy!

Here is our hairdo for the first day back to school after Christmas vacation, I know my tree stayed up way to long this year but It is down now!

Today we took our Topsy tail and made a tiny knot braid of three across the front of Baby Mermaids head

Then we pulled the rest into pigtails, hooking the "braid" into the pigtail on the left

we added some bows and...

were out the door. a quick and cute hairdo for a school day!
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Stacy said...

I see the tree in the background on the last picture!! So cute!

bombshellcat said...


Strommer Family said...

I love the color and shape of those last bows...Very cute!!

Melissa said...

Cute hair- as always!

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